How to Keep a Good Roommate

John Adams 05, March 2020
Happy opposite sex roommates

Finding a good roommate is tough, but sometimes you get lucky and find the gem in a pile of dirt. When the heavens are finally on your side, you have to play your part and appreciate the blessing.

A roommate that maintains good hygiene likes to keep the place tidy, pays the fair share of rent on time, gives you space, and is not involved in any Drug Crimes is definitely a keeper.

However, just like you have certain expectations from them, they feel the same way about you. A good roommate may not openly complain, but he/she may eventually get rid of you if you are bad news. If you don’t want the perfect roomie to leave or replace you, follow these simple tips to keep them charmed:

1. Do your portion of Chores

If your roomie regularly takes care of taking out the trash, restocking the refrigerator, or cleaning the dirty dishes, do not mistake them for your mom. Don’t wait for them to clean up every time, but return the favor instead. You know they won’t let the place rot and smell, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of their courtesy. It is not their duty to feed you, so stop being a parasite and buy your own groceries.

2. Share with Consent

Roommates do tend to see a lot of each other and the time spent together is often more than they bargained for. It is no anomaly that they end up using each other’s belongings, but not everything is meant to be divvied. Many people are not used to sharing their food or clothes with anyone else, so don’t assume that it’s not a big deal. If you want to borrow your roomie’s charger or deodorant, it is better to obtain their permission first. In case they are polite enough to lend an item, let them know that they can use your stuff too.

3.Respect Boundaries

Now that a nice person has agreed to share a space with you, it does not imply that you have automatically become best friends. Too much interference or physical contact might make them feel insecure or harassed. Learn to keep your distance and get to know your roomie at a casual pace. If you want to invite a friend over, discuss it with them in advance. Avoid giving unpleasant surprises, acting nosy, and regarding them as a channel for catharsis. Steer away from imposing a situation or building up too many expectations.

4.Maintain Peace & Neutrality

You and your roommate may have contrasting lifestyles and opinions. A good roommate won’t judge you and you should do the same. Your roomie has the right to live a life according to their own norms and morals, so mind your own business. Refrain from talking about controversial topics and change the subject if a conversation gets awkward. Forgive mistakes and remember to say ‘sorry’, ‘please’, and ‘thank you’ where relevant. Exercise basic manners and be dependable in emergencies. If something bothers either of you, negotiate and reach a middle-of-the-road solution.

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