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YaMummy is a platform to connect room seekers and space providers all over Malaysia, with plenty resources available as to prepare you before making the move-in decision.

Signed a year lease with a total stranger only to know later that he or she loves leaving dishes in the sink for days or throw a crazy dance party at home every weekend? Or that the last apartment experience left you traumatized by having to stuck in a home that is inconvenient in every way due to lack of property information prior to renting? Read about areas of your interest to make sure it fits your needs, convenient to your lifestyle and also a perfect neighborhood for you!

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It’s a match! YaMummy provides a platform to connect hosts and renters with matching requirements and preferences. Your roommates are somebody you are going to live with quite a while, or even for years. To maximize living condition and experience of both parties, we prioritize mutual requirements to enhance mutual relationship to the fullest. Pre-screening is utterly important and that is why we do it with utmost seriousness for the benefits of our users, both the host and the renter. List your home with us now to start the roommate-hunting journey!

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Nothing is worse than getting a roommate that you absolutely has nothing in common with or just do not get along. In a perfect world, your roommate would be like your friends, sharing a personal space with a friend and love going home to them! We ensure to maximize the chances of a compatible roommate match by prioritizing mutual requirements. With that, we make sure you to get the chance to live in a harmonious space with your roommates, making your home sweet home an even lovable one!