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24, February 2019

An Overview of Puchong

Planning to take a house for rent in Puchong and want to know more about this area? You are at the right site for information! First of all, this neighbourhood gets its name from the heron bird that took this settlement as their habitat back in circa 1900. The name is derived from ‘burung Puchong’, which is a heron in the Malay language. Back in the 1980s, Puchong was regarded as an outskirt area with just a single two-lane road encompassing its villages and estates. This area started to see rapid development during the mid-80s due to the emergence of industrial growth. Since then, this area is filled with industrial parks, commercial, and residential properties. It is a fairly new township and you can see ongoing constructions all the time, with residential development projects being the main focus. For renters that are looking to house for rent in Puchong here, it is important to know that this is a large enough township that makes it pretty self-sufficient by itself. It is surrounded by popular localities, with Subang Jaya and Sunway literally a few minutes short drive away.

LRT in Puchong             Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Puchong

Hot Spots in Puchong

Renters that are interested to buy a house for rent in Puchong have plenty of places to hang out around this area after they move into the neighbourhood. Surrounded by a dense residential area, Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve is a great greenery escape for people that want to go hiking and indulge in nature for a little bit. The park comes with free parking and you can see the neighbouring suburbs when you reach the peak. Dog lovers or Beagle lovers to be precise would go insane for The Beagle Mania, where you can hang out and have fun with 20 beagles! There is a Beagle Mania Gallery that you can learn about the history and origin of beagles and a Psychology Workshop and Playtime Demonstration where you get to walk beagles and learn about how to take care of those adorable pups. SetiaWalk is a one-stop station for patrons to get all kind of services they need. A part of it is the residential apartment, while the commercial section consists of a fitness centre, yoga club, music learning centre, academy, beauty salon, restaurant, cafe, karaoke, and cinema. There are gaming facilities at SetiaWalk too. You can spend time with your friends or family trying to solve the interactive puzzle in a locked room within 45 minutes at The Escape Room or get the ultimate virtual world gaming experience at Exa Outpost 1. There also many pubs and bars for you to chill and hang out. Renters that wish to rent a house in Puchong definitely would have abundant hangout spots around here after moving into this neighbourhood.

Getting Around Puchong

Getting a house for rent in Puchong has lots of advantages.Taffic being one .Traffic around peak hour here is known to be notorious. Due to this reason, several road constructions have been carried out to widen the original single two-lane road. Other than the new Sungai Buloh- Serdang- Putrajaya MRT line (numbered 12, coloured gold) is expected to assuage heavy traffic when the operation is commenced in 2022. Renters that are interested in letting your house for rent in Puchong should take note that the location of this MRT stop is SSP33 16 Sierra Station, which is located between 16 Sierra and Pulau Meranti in Puchong. The numbered 4, maroon coloured Sri Petaling LRT line runs through eight stations here, namely Kinrara BK 5, IOI Puchong Jaya, Pusat Bandar, Taman Perindustrian, Bandar Puteri, Perdana, Prima, and Putra Height. There area various intra and inter-town bus lines run by RapidKL, connecting Puchong to various part of Selangor, including Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and even Kuala Lumpur.

Food Options around Puchong

Due to its dense residential area, the good news is that there are tons of great food places for new renters that just moved here to go around and explore. It is especially famous for Yong Tau Fu, where you can get a wide selection of vegetable wrapped tofu and minced meat dishes, either deep-fried or comes with a hearty bowl of broth. At Restaurant Kari Kepala Ikan Bintang, you can have aromatic fish head curry cooked in clay pot, giant prawns dishes, and other mouth-watering seafood dishes. For those that like Japanese style BBQ, you are in luck because Akashi BBQ here serves great quality cut of meat without needing you to break the bank for it. The popular Lok Lok Street here will be a great food hunting spot for renters that just moved in. Beside lok lok, you can also find all kind of street food like Asam laksa, charkuey Teow, apom balik and other local delicacies here for cheap. ASAP Steamboat and Grill is where you can come to splurge on a hot pot. This all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant provides a wide range of meat, vegetable, seafood, meatballs and carbs for RM37 only. Heading over to Foo Hing or Yuan Garden Dim Sum for a hearty dim sum breakfast is almost every Chinese family tradition on Sunday morning. You should not be surprised to find a queue when you come to Restaurant Soon Lok. Look to stay at a house for rent.T heir renowned duck rice gains them abundant of loyal returning customers and new foodies alike. Some say that Wai Kei Wan Tan Mee serves the best char siew (roasted pork) in the whole Klang Valley. Find out yourself to see how true is that! Warung Cikgu is a true hidden gem in Puchong, where you can get delicious nasi kukus with very affordable price. There are only three kinds of dishes on the menu: the famous Nasi Mmanggey, Nasi Lemak and Nasi Berlauk Ikan Tongkol. Remember to order a glass of their thirst-quenching coconut shake when you are there as well.

Medical Facilities and School Options

There are no lacks of school options in here, plenty of options for new renters that are looking for a house for rent in Puchong and have schooling children at home to choose from. Beside government schools (SK, SJKC, SJKT, and SMK), there are also prestige international schools and private schools. The more well-known ones among others are Rafflesia International School, Taylor’s International School, British Circle Academy, Regent International School, and Inspiros International School. The 4 main higher education institutions that are situated in here also makes this neighbourhood a prime house renting a location to students and faculty alike. The RIMA International College offers LCCI courses, business programs partnered with Heriot-Watt, Bioscience, and Hotel Management program. The Binary University College specializes in entrepreneurship and management programs. The Putra Intelek International College offers courses in Risk Management, Information Technology, Business Management, Accounting, Finance, and Forensic Accounting. Last but not least, MAHSA University is a private medical school that specializes in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health Science, Business and Engineering in South East Asia region. The convenience of getting medical services at this area is one of the many attractions for the new renter to come searching for a house in Puchong. There are numerous walk-in clinics in this neighbourhood, you can find plenty of them at every row of shop lots. There are also two private hospitals, the KPMC Puchong Medical Centre and Columbia Asia Hospital where you can get 24 hours of medical service. For more options of the house for rent in Puchong, check out exclusive Puchong page to rent house,rooms and condos.

Rafflesia International School -Persiaran Sierra Utama 2, Bandar 16 Sierra, 47100 Puchong