What can I do on this Christmas in Malaysia? 7 Bucket list ideas you must try!

Sarah Wong 15, December 2018
Christmas bonding with your roommates

What can I do on this Christmas in Malaysia? Christmas is a day to get together with family and loved ones, everybody you care about in your life for celebration, bonding and more. It could very well be an occasion to spend with roommates as well; roommates are your buddies that live under the same roof with you so they are essentially an important part of your life. To give you ideas on what to do to bond roommate relationships in order to form a happy household, I have listed down 7 activities you could do during this jolly holiday season:

1. Invite foreign roommates that stuck abroad to your family Christmas function

Inviting roommate for Christmas

Speaking from past experience, myself had been that ‘foreign roommate’ that stuck abroad when I was an international student at New York. Fortunately, I was blessed with multiple welcoming local roommates that invited me to their home to spend the day with their family. I had spent 3 Christmas with their families at Upstate New York, Boston, and Chicago respectively. It was cool to experience how different American families celebrate Christmas, not only that warms my heart but also allows me to understand my roommate more and hence enhances our relationship. Many years since, we still talk about those Christmas time spend together at roommates’ parent house whenever we get to catch up. So it would be a nice welcoming gesture to invite your foreign roommates to visit your home and let them experience the warm hospitality of a good Malaysian family. Even if your family does not celebrate Christmas, take the holiday as a chance to show your foreign friend around your hometown!

2. Christmas themed cookout

Enjoying Christmas cookout

If a few of you and your roommates happen to be stuck at the rented place together on Christmas day, do not cringe, plan a fun cookout together and let the Christmas in Malaysia go top gear!  What is better than spend the day in the kitchen baking and making Christmas themed food with peppermint bark, marshmallow, and gingerbread! Not only the homesick feeling would be eased after seeing cute reindeer cupcakes you and your roommates have made together, you guys also get to fill your belly with delicious food. Visit 19 Fun Christmas Food Ideas for reference, the content of the sites are meant for kids, so no worries that any of your roommates will burn down the kitchen on this jolly day.

3. Visit an ice rink to enjoy Christmas in Malaysia

Ice rink with your roommates

The festive season is always a justifiable reason to do things you probably wouldn’t do on normal days. You can visit an ice rink with your roommates, laugh at each other clumsy ice skating moves or help each other out trying to balance on the ice skates. Either way, it would be a great bonding experience for roommates. Ice rink venue suggestions around in Kuala Lumpur and Johor areas: Sunway Pyramid Mall Ice Skating Ring (Bandar Sunway), IceScape Ice Rink IOI City Mall (Putrajaya), Like-Ice Asia, Setia City Mall (Shah Alam), Blue Ice Skating Rink Paradigm Mall (Johor Bahru) and Austin Heights Skating Rink (Johor Bahru). Among all the options above, the most interesting spot might be the Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium MYNISS. This Olympic-sized ice skating rink in Selangor has recently announced to be open to the public with affordable admission fees.

4. Christmas movie marathon and trivia quizzes

Christmas movie marathon

To intensify the jolly spirit of Christmas in Malaysia, have a Christmas movie marathon with your roommates at home. Take Christmas movie trivia quizzes after movies binge, and see who is the king or queen of Christmas movie this year!

5. Build a gingerbread house


You can always get cheap gingerbread house making kit online, or make it from scratch if you are ambitious enough. Choose the style of the gingerbread house you guys want to achieve, you will be surprised how extensive the options can get: Gingerbread House Ideas. Have a little contest by posting all gingerbread houses on social media to see which of you guys’ creations is the best looking house! Or joining forces to create a gigantic gingerbread house masterpiece like a 12 inches tall gothic Victorian gingerbread house with black icing while enjoying the fresh gingerbread smell all day long!

6. Make homemade Christmas crafts together


Gather some color pencils, scissors, and everything usable you could find scattering around the house with your roommates to make homemade Christmas crafts! You guys can make anything from Christmas cards, Christmas trees ornaments to the ugly sweater. Literally, any normal household items could be your tool: cotton balls, ribbons, pressed flowers, buttons, old fabrics etc. You can save money on buying banal store-bought Christmas stuff, and I am sure that the recipient of your creation or the guests to your house will be very pleased with your thoughtfulness.

7. Set new year goal together

Taking new year goal

Your roommates are one of the most intimate people in your personal life because well, you guys live together. Setting New Year goal together and hold each other accountable to achieve it. You guys can make a goal checklist board and hang it on the kitchen fridge or living room space. Sharing goals is also a great way to let your roommate understand you better, hence is a win-win situation in all aspects!

It takes an effort to build relationships, while it may not seem vital to building a great relationship with your roommates but trust me living with people that you like, trust and have mutual understanding is going to benefit you than having a bad or indifferent relationship with them. Start bonding with your roommate now with these 7 meaningful roommate-bonding activities this Christmas. May your New Year fills with joy in a happy household!

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