10 Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid Before Renting A Room

Sarah Wong 14, December 2018
deadly mistakes of renting room

10 keynotes you have to take it to heart while renting a new room! Not only these can prevent potential money loss but also ensure a higher quality of life. So renters, do take notes of these mistakes that you should not condone prior lease signing!

1. Rent a room near dusty roads

Room rent pollution

You would not want to rent a room that is very nearby an express highway, especially if the balcony or window is facing directly at the highway. The hustle and bustle of the busy highway do not calm down at night. The irritating noise of cars and rowdy bikers would still irk you until late at night. Other than that, your balcony is always going to be covered with dust that makes it difficult to maintain household cleanliness.

2. Do not know who is going to be your roommates

Angry roommate

You may think that you could easily ignore your roommates if you hate them after moving in, hence do not think to ask or figure out who is currently residing in the house. This is a huge red flag.

You need to at least know some basic household demographics of the area you are going to move in.

What are their gender, age, occupation, and also how many roommates are there in your home? You will not want to only know that there is a newborn baby living in the household after moving in and find yourself could not sleep every night because that the baby would not stop crying. Or feel uncomfortable finding yourself is the only female renter in an apartment of 6 male roommates.

3. Do not take your roommates to the appointment

Troubled roommates

If you have roommates that are going to move in with you to your new place, not bringing them with you to house viewing appointment may result in a situation where

all parties have different expectations about the new accommodation.

To avoid trouble and conflict among roommates after moving in, it is wise to bring everybody on board to appointments.

4. Do not ask about the past history of utility bills

Room rent utility bills

If you do not ask about the past history of utility bills, you have no ways to know how much you would need to fork out every month to pay the bills. What if you only know that the monthly utility bills of this new room are way out of your budget after moving in? If you are going to have roommates in the new condominium, do not ask how the utility bills are going to be split among everybody may cause you to risk facing unfair utility charges.

5. Think that it is ok to move your pet into your new condo without your landlord’s permission

Pets in room

You might think that your landlord will not show up randomly to check on you so it is perfectly fine to move your dog into your new room or condo without him knowing it. Many things can go wrong along the way with this situation. For example, your dog attacks a mechanic that is sent to fix something in the building without you knowing. The consequence can be more than just losing a place to stay, but also involves a few legal cases against you.

6. Do not walk around the neighborhood

Unsafe Neighborhood
What if your neighborhood is extremely unsafe to walk around alone at night and that you are a nurse that works night shift and have to walk to and fro to the train station at an odd time every day?

Or that your neighborhood has limited restaurant choices and you love eating out and do not cook at all? Or that you’re a fitness lover but the closest gym in the precinct is super far away? Researching on your neighborhood will increase your quality of living in return.

7. Relying on an oral contract

Oral rental contract

During the process of finalizing lease signing, it is important to have every offers that your landlord promised to do recorded in black and white form. For example, if your landlord promise he or she is going to replace a water tank for the old broken one prior to move-in then you should totally request that to be included in the lease. Not doing so may result in a situation that you find your expectations are not being met after move in.

8. Think that landlord will be responsible for everything that is broken

broken household

It is always better to understand who should take responsibility for anything that is broken in the house. Assuming landlord is solely responsible to fix everything in the house could put you into the situation, which you find yourself not prepared to pay for the repairing cost that is actually within your range of responsibility.

9. Not reading the lease

Rental agreement

Yes, leases are not the most interesting reading materials. They are normally multiple pages long and filled with the teeny tiny fine print of abstruse legal terms. Not looking through lease will lead to many blunders of different severity. For instance, you might overlook something as obvious as rent amount and is obligated to pay higher rent during the whole leasing term.

10. Renting a new room without seeing it first

Renting a new place

Not going to see your new room in person causes you do not get the first-hand experience of how your new home is going to be like. Yes, you can get information online about the neighborhood through Google Map, or seeing the condition of the house with photos provided, but how do you know whether all these information is accurate or updated?

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